Latent and Patent Defects

Jul 7, 2017 | 1 comment

Did You Know?

Within Real Estate Contracts and forms there can be reference to Latent defects and Patent Defects, what is the difference?

Latent Defects are defects that are hidden from view and they are not detectable visually and will not be discovered by a home inspector during the course of a normal home inspection.   These defects will only be discovered during a more evasive inspection, (ie tearing down a section of wall to inspect the type of insulation that has been used).

Patent Defects are defects that can be seen or discovered by a home inspector during a normal home inspection.

For a Vendor(seller) of a property they are required to disclose any know latent defects to any potential purchasers.

A home inspection is recommended and encouraged and should be included as a condition for the purchase and sale of any property.

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