Why Use A Real Estate Agent?

Many people ask this question and either get partial answers or no answers. It is important to understand that not all real estate companies, and therefore agents, operate to the same capacity. As the “Real Estate Professional” with Coldwell Banker, here is what I will do for you:

Property Search

  1. Work with you to identify types of properties you are looking for.
  2. Arrange viewings and show you identified properties.
  3. Provide timely information about the property and answers to questions that arise.
  4. Provide search services to enable viewings on new listings before they are posted on the Multiple Listing Service.

Agreement Negotiation

  1. Prepare a legally binding Contract of Purchase and Sale.
  2. Assist with the process of negotiating favorable terms and conditions.
  3. Assist in finding suitable financing, if necessary.
  4. Assist in arranging property inspections and other needed services.
  5. Manage all aspects of the completion and possession process.
  6. Provide non Real Estate information and contacts to make your move as smooth as possible.

Follow Up

We will ask for an online survey review to be sent to Coldwell Banker’s Head Office for evaluation and a review of our services. This can be anonymous or otherwise but helps us strive to maintain our guarantee of Ultimate Service.

Within one month after a fully completed transaction for both sellers and buyers we will contact you for a brief inquiry into how ‘things are going’.


Useful Contacts List

Austring Fendrick & Fairman 867-668-4405
Carrie Burbidge 867-332-6988
Lamarche & Lang 867-456-3300
Macdonald & Co 867-667-7885
Murrin Professional Corp 867-456-2227
Morris & Sova 867-456-2326
Davis & Co 867-393-5100
Tucker & Co 867-667-2099
Lackowicz & Hoffman 867-668-5252
Jocelyn Barrett 867-456-7775
Anne Marie McColman 867-667-7457
Jim Yamada 867-667-6774
Shaske & Zeiner
(Commercial Only)
Gerry Gerein
(Commercial Only)
CDC Inc.
(Martin Meyer)
Home Heating and Heating Systems Inspections
ACS Oil Burner Services 867-633-4006
Certified Heating 867-668-4328
Griffiths Heating & Sheet Metal 867-667-2214
Fireweed Home Comfort 867-322-2646
Fred’s Plumbing and Heating 867-667-6441
Mammoth Heating & Sheet Metal 867-336-2112
Midnight Sun Sheet Metal & Heating 867-668-2956
Milligan Sheet Metal 867-633-2901
Superior Plumbing and Heating 867-668-5948
Mortgage Brokers
Jill Pollack 867-668-4405
Christie Richardson 867-668-5565
Susan Zanders 604-461-8063
Shannon Whellan 867-894-5021
Mark Huntley 867-393-6179
Home Inspectors
InSite Home Inspections
(Kevin Neufeld)
A Closer Look Home Inspections
(Adam Sippel)
Red Seal Inspection Services