Article 11 CREA Code of Ethics

Oct 31, 2017 | 0 comments

Do You Know?

Under the Canadian Real Estates Association (CREA), a realtor is required to fully disclose any personal interest he or she may have in a property. The follow is a direct quote of Article 11 of the CREA Code of Ethics

“ A REALTOR shall not buy or sell, or attempt to buy or sell an interest in property either directly or indirectly for himself or herself, any member of his or her immediate family, or any entity in which the REALTOR has a financial interest, without making the REALTOR’s position known to the buyer or seller in writing”.

For you as a Client/Customer you have a right to know if a REALTOR has a financial interest in a property that you are looking to buy or sell. It is very acceptable to ask the REALTOR if they have any financial interest in a property other than the standard commission fees.

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