Article 3 CREA Code of Ethics(part 3)

Mar 6, 2018 | 0 comments

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Under the Canadian Real Estates Association (CREA), a REALTOR ® shall protect and promote the interests of his or her Client. This primary obligation does not relieve the Realtor ® of the responsibility of dealing fairly with all parties to a transaction.

Article 3.6

A REALTOR ® shall, at all times, be able to render a proper accounting to the REALTOR ® Client with respect to monies and other property of the Client which have been entrusted to the care of the REALTOR ®.

Article 3.7

A REALTOR ® shall provide competent assistance when dealing with lawyers, mortgage lenders and other third parties needed to ensure the successful completion of any contract entered into between a Seller and a Buyer.

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