Article 3 CREA Code of Ethics(part 4)

Apr 27, 2018 | 0 comments

Do You Know?

Under the Canadian Real Estates Association (CREA), a REALTOR ® shall protect and promote the interests of his or her Client. This primary obligation does not relieve the Realtor ® of the responsibility of dealing fairly with all parties to a transaction.

Article 3.8

An individual REALTOR®representing more than one Buyer on the same property shall disclose this fact to each Buyer and shall not use the information contained in another offer to put either client at a competitive advantage.

Article 3.9

“Dealing Fairly” means acting honestly and professionally.  The obligation to deal fairly does not in any way reduce a REALTOR®’s obligation to fulfill his or her fiduciary duties to a Client and follow the Client’s lawful instructions.

This is the last of the information contained in Article 3.

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