Article 2 CREA Code of Ethics

Sep 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Do You Know?

Under the Canadian Real Estates Association (CREA), a realtor is required to fully disclose an explanation of the services he or she is to provide you as Client or Customer. The follow is a direct quote of Article 2 of the CREA Code of Ethics

“A REALTOR shall fully disclose in writing to, and is advised to seek written acknowledgement from, his or her Clients and those Customers who are not represented by other Registrants regarding the role and nature of the service the REALTOR will be providing. This disclosure shall be made at the earliest possible opportunity and in any event prior to the REALTOR providing professional services which go beyond providing information as a result of incidental contact by a consumer”.

For you as a Client/Customer, ensure your REALTOR explains the service that he or she will be providing.

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