Greg Benoit

Greg Benoit


Greg graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Real Estate Trading Services program, through the Sauder School of Business.

When it comes to moving, and the stresses that those moments bring, Greg is very familiar with it, having moved 10 times during his military career.

Greg is originally from Newfoundland. He has spent 27 years with the Canadian Military moving around Canada and the United States as part of the NORAD and US Space Command teams. His professionalism, leadership and dedication earned him many awards and medals from the Canadian and United States governments. After retiring from the military in 2009, he worked with a Canadian drone company, providing drone services to military and commercial enterprise both in and outside of Canada.

Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience when it comes too moving.   He is looking forward to using this experience to assist you, in selling your current home or buy your new home.

Give Greg a call at 867-689-1717 or send him an email today for quick personal service.